Raging Bull (1980)


For the eagle eyed readers of our blog, you may notice this is actually the second (and third) review for Raging Bull in our blogathon. Not only did I find 2 (3 – as you’ll soon see) idiots people who haven’t seen this masterpiece, along with our good friend Table9Mutant (check out her review HERE) they weren’t wholly positive thoughts. To each their own…….. Anyway, please read on for this double feature review, and try not to fill up the comments welcoming me back and overlooking the incorrect excellent write up on display. 


Reviewed by Mojo’s Work (and his wife)




Here’s my thoughts on Raging Bull, and my wife’s, although she doesn’t know I keep track of her ridiculous commentary. In 3…2…and we’re LIVE…

It’s true. I’ve never seen Raging Bull. Like Office Space, its one of those movies I’ve heard SO MUCH about that I am completely turned off by watching it. But lo and behold, the stars aligned in such a way, and here we are.

Me? I thought it was okay. Kudos, De Niro. You were ripped and got fat. That’s dedication. But I don’t see much else here. Then again, I’m no student of cinematography. I just like to look at pictures moving. My logline sentence fragments would go something like this: Guy has anger issues, beats shit out of wife, boxers. Reaches modest heights, falls accordingly.

I saw it. Its over. Next.

(TYSON – I need a score out of 10 please)

My perception is admittedly clouded by the heaps of praise I’ve heard for Raging Bull over the last thirty years, so that said, I found this to be one of the most overrated films I ever watched. I give it a FIVE (out of ten).


My wife is even less of a discerning critic than I. The Movie Squirrel – long story – has her own spin on Hollywood. The Shining is terrifying, but only because the hotel carpet is ugly. Spongebob Squarepants has “no shape.” The Godfather depresses her because nowadays, you could never get away with killing someone who crosses you. Batman should just fly away when he’s in trouble.

Anyway, here’s her take on Raging Bull, a completely different movie from the one I saw sitting next to her on the couch.






MovieSquirrel10_6When I asked the Squirrel to grade the movie on a 1-to-10 scale, she immediately shot back with, “Point five,” then went on a rant about Vicki and cheeseburgers and salad and whatnot.

38 thoughts on “Raging Bull (1980)

  1. Thank you both for doing this! Obviously I disagree with your scores but its a great piece of work we are proud to feature on here. Especially your wifes images, love them!! 🙂

  2. 5 out of 10… I’m appalled. You clearly have no idea about reviewing movies, where as I think that the Squirrel raises some relevant very important points. Does your wife have a blog?

  3. Loved the approach this one guys. Can’t say I’m all that happy about the the scores , though. Raging bull is a real favourite of mine.

    And… Tyson! What the fuck have I told you about staying past your bed time.? This is adult time now. Children go beddy-by!

  4. Good review. However, I loved the hell out of this movie and think it’s awesome when Bobby beats-up on Pesci for “allegedly” banging his wife. You never quite know if he did or not, but it doesn’t matter, because he’s going to take a beating for it regardless.

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