About us

Welcome to “You Talkin’ To Me?” a blog run by Tyson Carter of Head In A Vice and Mark Walker of Marked Movies, that focuses entirely on Robert De Niro – one of the finest and most committed actors in the history of cinema.

Here you’ll find a whole host of information on the great man that will include a biography, reviews of his filmography, quotes, characters that he has played and interactive features like Blogathons. If you’d like to get involved in anything then please don’t hesitate to drop us a line: Mark (mr.marakai@yahoo.co.uk) or Tyson (tysoncarter@hotmail.co.uk). Above all, though, have fun and rejoice in this great actors exceptional work.


2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Robert De Niro was m,y first acting hero, the guy I looked to when i first got seriously into movies. It’s a shame to see him reduced to starring in some utter tripe over the years though. I can’t think of too many classics he’s made since, say, Heat?

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