The King of Comedy (1982)



Reviewed by Nostra from My Film Views




With a title like The King of Comedy I had some expectations about this movie. The biggest one was that this was a comedy movie starring Robert de Niro which was directed by Martin Scorsese. With my lack of investigation about a movie before seeing it (which basically comes down to looking a poster and an IMDB score) it turned out that my assumption was incorrect. It’s more Taxi Driver than Taxi.

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Silver Linings Playbook (2012)



Review by Dave Crewe of CCpopculture




Robert De Niro is an undeniable icon of American cinema, an actor who casts a long shadow. He’s renowned as a versatile, idiosyncratic method actor who has given vivid life to some of the most memorable characters of the last half-century. It is nonetheless hard to deny that De Niro’s shadow has shrunk over the last decade or so, his reputation squandered on broad comedies and thin dramas. Silver Linings Playbook was, if the conventional wisdom is to be believed, a return to form for the man, earning him his first Oscar nomination in over a decade and critical acclaim.

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Analyze This (1999)



Review by Elina of Films and Coke




Plot: What if one of gangland’s Dons suddenly started having anxiety attacks because of past problems. When he decides to see a shrink, what can he tell him without giving away the gang’s secrets and reveal too much about his own situations? Add to the fact that this type of individual is used to everyone catering to his whims and he expects the psychiatrist to do the same, neglecting his regular practice and his attempts to get married. (Source:

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The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000)

Review by Mark Walker of Marked Movies


As a co-host for this Blogathon, I like to begin by stating – for the record – that there will be no bias from either myself or Tyson regarding the movies of DeNiro. We may be massive fans of the actor, himself, but there’s no denying that some of his films just don’t cut it. As I have seen a great number of DeNiro’s movies, I was, unfortunately, left with ones I’d rather avoid but in keeping with the rules of the Blogathon I still had to choose. I did, however, hope against hope that I might have misjudged and that I’d still be treated to something unexpectedly good. Alas, my preconceived opinions proved to be correct. This is, quite possibly, the very worst cinematic experience of my life.

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